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Thanks for all the info, and hopefully I have caught the problem soon enough to prevent substantial damage. You address a completely different problem, fixation on images. I enter my wife vagina and then I go soft. When I used to orgasm in the prone position, I don't think there was any pre-cum. Also, I now get many erections during the day. Please give it a try. If you are concerned, please talk to your doctor.

Not able to have a sex twice in night. When I used to orgasm in the prone position, I don't think there was any pre-cum. If not, see a doctor. I can get an erection when I masturbate but I just cant before trying to have sex. I do not believe and did not mean to imply that masturbating makes intercourse less pleasurable. They really make a difference in terms of male and female sensitivity.

The first three times I went for 45 minutes without an orgasm.

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Third, recovery: I of course didn't know what I was doing, but I enjoyed the feeling afterwards. Do you think it's OK for me to masturbate conventionally for a week and should I try vaginal sex with my partner with or without Viagra or do you recommend I shouldn't masturbate at all and try having vaginal sex after only a week? I am personal trainer -very fit DD-dont understand the problem. This falls contrary to my previous beliefs that the prone position more closely mimics the act of sex as my whole body would be involved in the act. An occasional erection isn't a problem, but you should avoid doing things that will bring on a persistent one, like being around a female who arouses you.

Erection problems

I know from reading your page that this is wrong, but when I do it with just my hand nothing happens and it gets painful. I think it's a cruel twist of fate for all of us here affected by prone masturbation, because we haven't done anything wrong, and it's only later that we experience difficulties. Now i faced the problem of not getting erected my penis from yesterday only it erected for little time when i shake my penis. You can be cured and suffer no long-term effects. So is it correct to continue the normal way?


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