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I agree with you that we need to be involved with our kids, but part of the problem is the breadth and ease of access to this content. Youtube kids needs to be an entirely different platform, instead of a funnel for mostly kid friendly videos that already exist on youtube. FB struggles with this also. Having just read the Jeffrey Epstein case, this video screams trafficking. These adult themes do not belong on an app that is created for children.

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Reporting videos takes too long. In this next cartoon a young girl commits suicide with a knife after her father dies and her boyfriend breaks up with her. This next one is a cartoon suggesting human trafficking. I want to get off YouTubekids immediately. Not them. When I started being mature enough for PG movies, my mom would watch them with me and explain anything edgy.

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So simplistic, these videos are dumbing kids down even as they show that shooting people is a fun thing to do.

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Age-restricted content

This is simply unacceptable, and there will be no YouTube kids for MY kids until there are some major changes. There has to be someone with more authority we can contact to find a solution to this… It HAS to stop!!! Taking an orange and making a whole fruit salad out of it? Please open your eyes, parents. One discussion we need to have is why was this developed?

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Customize your child’s experience: Block content in YouTube Kids

Only netflix allowed in the house. We like to spend time outdoors together with our pets, take nature walks, go to the library, etc. If you try to block a video while signed out, a dialog box will appear asking you to sign in. We watched it on Friday night, then I put them to bed. The next question that arises is:

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